How To Make Your Website Popular FAST!

A website without traffic might just as well have never been built. It’s invisible and unsuccessful. It’s a fact – No Traffic = Invisible! There are many tried and tested free methods for driving web traffic to your website. Many of these free methods are absolute gems that can drive truckloads of web traffic to your website. Here are the top free methods I use to gain PR4 and PR5 for most of my blogs and websites.

1. Offer a great freebie like an ebook or tutorial, with your website links imbedded, then let others give it away for free at their site, too. They can use it as an incentive, bonus, or just as a gift for visitors. It adds value for those sites that spread it and it creates more visitors back to your site as your freebie spreads because of your imbedded links.

2. One of the best ways to increase web traffic is to accumulate quality links to your site. Not only do you get more people from the linked sites to visit your site, but you get better rankings with search engines. The combination of increased traffic from linked sites and more internet traffic from the search engines will provide a huge pay off for the time and effort you invest. But, stay away from Link Farms and buying links. Go only for sites with quality that matches yours.

3. Visit and comment in Forums. If your comments are interesting and liked by the forum members, they will click on your link and visit your website regularly. This is a great way to create a targeted traffic. This mode of free website advertisement is also relatively untapped by many marketers for driving web traffic, so you can take full advantage by using your writing skills and create traffic from the forums. Just remember – Your posts should really be useful to the members of the forum. Don’t post just to sell something. You will be banned.

4. Another great method of driving targeted web traffic is joining popular social networking web sites. Social networking web sites can immediately send your website a flood of targeted web traffic. The common factor between all the social networking sites is social interaction. These sites are hugely popular and are liked by the search engines for this fact. Social sites like the Facebook and MySpace are so popular that they can send you massive traffic.

5. I saved my #1 method for last – Article Marketing. Article Marketing can dramatically increase the targeted traffic to your web site and increase your search engine rankings at the same time if you provide quality information! Your high quality, original, search engine optimized content will be spread around the web. Your articles feature your Author Box which is where you place a snippet about your web site and it’s products and services.

Article submission sites are extremely popular, and many web masters depend completely on them to borrow free articles for their own web sites with a condition that the articles borrowed shall contain the full text and the Author Box. These could be your articles with your Author Box! This creates a free viral traffic to your website when your quality articles are published by other web sites.

Create Better Quality Videos Online

You know you’ve done it. You’re part of the YouTube generation and you’ve not only watched videos but uploaded them as well. Once you did that though you realized the quality of your video just sucked. You tried a variety of things and still aren’t happy with the quality.

So here’s the skinny on what you need to do to get your videos to be all they can be on YourTube without massive headaches, expensive hardware and Hollywood-sized editing budgets. The following are the major points to take into account prior to uploading your videos.

Resolution ” Let’s face it, YouTube is now HD Ready like the latest LCD and Plasma televisions. So that means you need to adapt to their system in order to get them to play nice. Their native resolution? Its 720p, a 1280×720 pixels of resolution. Its HD quality, so you’ll need a video source that can handle it if you want HD quality videos. When you save that video for YouTube make sure you do that in 1280×720 and YouTubes compressor will love you for it and reward you with some better quality and give you the luxury of having a watch in HD link on your videos.

Bitrate ” This is how much data is processed per second when your video is being created or saved. Whenever possible you want this to be as high of a number as you can get. Generally, you’d like it to be in the range of 6Mbps and 8Mbps. That’s so much data so that when your video goes through the YouTube compressor online, even though there might be a loss of quality, it will still retain enough to look good as it gets popped out the other side. This will make for large file sizes as well so be aware of that.

While you’re thinking about the other things you’ve also got to think about several more things, audio is one of them. You need to have this in MP3 or AAC (44.1KHz Stereo ideally) on the track or you risk losing quality during compression and conversion. Your best bet is to set this to CBR of VBR if you have the option. Framerate is another thing you should pay attention to. To keep thinks flowing smoothly you’ve got to maintain a minimum of 30+ FPS or frames per second. The file format you need to have your stuff in is .mov or .mp4. If your video editing package can’t handle that then you’re going to want to look into one that can. Quicktime Pro is often touted as the ideal since its both cheap and handles a wide variety of video formats.

Now that you’ve got that all set, save your file and upload to YouTube. Having set many of your settings at or better than YouTube you are making it a touch easier for them to compress. So wait until it’s done and voila! You have got yourself a good looking YouTube Video.

How to Get Your Videos Higher in Search Results?

Whew! The hard work is done right? You’ve put blood, sweat, tears and cash into the creation of your video content and now it’s up on the web. If you publish it, they will come right? Wrong! You’ve got some more work that needs to be done before the masses come rushing to watch your videos and the first thing you need to do is to get the search engines indexing your videos. So here are a handful of tips so get reading already because time is a wasting.

Keywords “If you don’t have good keywords then you might as well quit now. These are vital pieces of information that will help categorize your videos and make them findable in search engines. When people search for video what do they do? They put words into a text box on a webpage and that’s how they search. So make sure you choose specific words that correctly describe your video and then use those words in the title, description and the keyword areas when you post the video up on the web. These are the most important steps to pay close attention to if you do not do this more then likely your taking a chance of not becoming as popular with your videos as you would like to.

Video Sharing Sites “Let’s face it Yahoo and Google know where YouTube is and might not know where your site is. So if you want people to discover your videos then you should put them where the search engines go. YouTube gets more people searching for videos than any other site on the web. So it’s no surprise that we say you should use them, now is it? There are other video aggregation and search engines where you can specifically submit your videos to and some take single video entries while others use Media RSS files.

RSS and MRSS “Google Webmaster Tools allows you to link sitemaps so that the Googlebots can more easily find your content. RSS is generally used for standard text and image-based content while MRSS is used for media itself, and can really help boost your search results ranking. You see video, like some other forms of content, not only gets indexed separately in some respects but is also seen by certain search engines as better content. But you’ve got to tell them where to find it and what it is and that’s what the MRSS file does.

Three simple things you can do to help get your videos noticed by the search engines. No they’re not the only things you can do but are more like the tip of the iceberg. These are probably three things that you will most often see suggested by SEO people. They are not the only things you can do and others include good content that’s interesting and easy to share with others.

YouTube Secrets and Marketing has become the hottest way to promote anything you have in mind. One thing for sure the higher your video ranks in YouTube the more exposure you will get Which = to the more money you will make